Your students and teachers have it in them to achieve lasting success, we'll help them realize it

The Mental Technology of Peak Performance

We are a sought-after global education company igniting human potential by equipping every student to function successfully in school, career and life regardless of their environment. The Pacific Institute’s Education Initiative is in the business of creating a parallel education system that changes the definition of what it means to be well educated.Our Educational system has focused entirely on the outcomes as measured on standardized tests and has not seriously looked at the most important factor - THE STUDENT! The Pacific Institute recognizes the need to put the focus back on the skills and attributes the student needs to prepare them for the colleges, careers and their future.

Business leaders, Politicians, Parent Groups, Educators and the general populations of our country decry the current state of Education and most are willing to share their opinions of why this is so, and who is to blame. However, there is something in our collective spirit, as a people, that helps is to rise above the turmoil and come together for the greater good. That same initiative that we seem to “find” in times of trouble can be “taught” in our everyday lives. There are measurable traits and learned skills that individuals can possess that help them deal with challenges and help them to set goals and persevere. We need to teach those skills and embed those traits in our youth so they can “see” a vision of themselves finishing college or a learning a trade. If they can see it, they can achieve it.

Our process is individually focused but universally applicable.

Focus on People & Culture

We believe people have an unlimited capacity for growth and change. We specialize in helping clients learn how their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors can support or inhibit positive outcomes in their careers and everyday lives. We also provide insights into how culture impacts the performance of organizations and their members.

Each program is grounded in proven cognitive science principles.

Scientifically-Based Principles

Informed by the universal principles of cognitive science, we’ve created educational programs that enable organizations and individuals to set and achieve their goals. With the skills and knowledge to cultivate self-confidence, creativity, accountability, and teamwork, our clients are equipped to navigate complexity, ambiguity, and other challenges.

We deliver measurable and sustained results.

Extensive & Diverse Experience

Over the past four decades our work has driven significant transformation, guiding Fortune 1000 companies down a path toward better productivity, leading Olympic athletes to victory, facilitating the transition from college to career in universities across America, dramatically lowering re-incarceration rates in California Department of Corrections, fostering peaceful discussions in Northern Ireland; and empowering the education sector of Guatemala.

We have exceptional global success.

Global Presence

With offices around the globe, we’re able to offer flexibility, efficiency, and a deep cultural understanding. And because our programs begin with a focus on the individual, they’re relevant across all sectors and socioeconomic groups.

We have exceptional global success.

Driven by Results

Our solutions are highly customizable based on our clients’ unique needs, and are built to produce short- and long-term results. We define measurable objectives as part of every engagement and provide tools that enable our clients to sustain success over time.It will not matter WHAT we teach - WHERE we teach - WHO teaches it - HOW it is measured, if we do not fundamentally engage those we wish to teach and empower them with the skills and perseverance necessary to succeed in the classroom or in life.  Our Educational system has focused entirely on the outcomes as measured on standardized tests and has not seriously looked at the most important factor - The Student!  We need to put the focus back on the skills and attributes the individual will need to prepare them for the colleges and careers then will see in the future.  Careers that have most likely not even been invented yet!