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National American University (NAU) and The Pacific Institute® have been partners since 1994. During that time, the The Pacific Institute® curriculum has touched the lives of thousands of students and employees. Offered to all new incoming students, the Strategies for Success course is designed to enhance the university learning experience and prepare students for personal and professional success. It sets the foundation for not only their college careers, but for the rest of their lives. NAU employees have also benefited from the implementation of the Investment in Excellence® program. It demonstrates how personal beliefs and attitudes can affect the organization’s culture. The Investment in Excellence® curriculum has helped create a culture with a common language and a desire to come to work with a positive outlook and a greater sense of accountability. 


NAU had a strong desire to match its organizational culture with its commitment to providing students with a caring and supportive learning environment. NAU needed to find a way to bridge the gap between the university and the students it serves. The Pacific Institute’s solution was to offer the student course and the employee training in order to create a consistent message across the entire NAU system.  


All new first-term students are placed in the Strategies for Success course, which runs in either an eight-week or 11-week format. Students have the option to take the course onsite at their home campus or in an online format. The curriculum presents concepts in change management, goal setting, time management, and study skills. Instructors are passionate about student success and are required to complete the facilitator-training program prior to teaching the course. Investment in Excellence® is part of the new employee orientation program at NAU. Employees have the opportunity to participate in a live session facilitated by a Pacific Institute representative or, if a live session is not an option at the time of hire, they can complete the program online.


NAU has 37 locations, with more than 1,000 employees serving more than 11,000 students. NAU can attribute much of its organizational success and student success on the relationship with The Pacific Institute. The curriculum has touched the lives of thousands of people across the globe, and NAU is proud to call them a partner. Here are some comments from NAU graduates about Strategies for Success:

“During my “college years,” I met some amazing people and learned some great skills that I use on a daily basis. I‘m very glad that I was required to take the Strategies for Success course, as this course has made the most difference. The course, as well as the daily emails from The Pacific Institute, has changed my life and the lives of those around me. Strategies for Success, graduating Magna Cum Laude, and the success I have encountered at work have inspired many of my family and friends to seek out their college education and set meaningful life goals.”

Matias Aragon, Applied Management, Bachelor of Science, 2012, NAU - Albuquerque West 

“I credit the Strategies for Success class for giving me the confidence to finish my degree. It helped me realize who I was, who I could be, and what I was capable of doing.”

Rebecca Longoria,Accounting, Associate of Applied Science, 2012, NAU - Lee’s Summit