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Goodwill is recognized as one of “America’s most inspiring companies” according to Forbes magazine. Forbes reporter Susan Adams states, “Goodwill is a company with a long history of providing employment and job training to veterans and people with disabilities and other challenges.” Goodwill of Silicon Valley’s mission is to support their employees, their customers and people with challenging barriers to employment; to raise their standard of living and improve their lives through services and social enterprise.  The goal of Goodwill of Silicon Valley is continuing to have a significant and positive impact in this community.  Goodwill of Silicon Valley enlisted The Pacific Institute®to assist with the Employment Readiness Program (ERP).  ERP is a 6 to 12 month paid work experience program that is designed to provide program participants an opportunity to gain retail work experience. In addition, each ERP participant receives job placement services and free access to workshops that foster personal and professional development. Each Goodwill of Silicon Valley employee also receives this training.


Participants completed The Pacific Institute®’s STEPS® education program.   First developed in 1985 and continuously updated, STEPS® has assisted job-training professionals to move hundreds of thousands of chronically unemployed individuals to meaningful work. The program includes a powerful job search component to complement the backbone of The Pacific Institute®’s scientifically based, tested and proven cognitive education.The Pacific Institute®and Goodwill of Silicon Valley’s 10-year partnership has produced results.  Trained Goodwill facilitators have provided engaging STEPS® scientific methodology that has caused participants to examine their behaviors with specific emphasis on career and employment goals. Each individual learned a structured process to choose and change behaviors. The outcome includes increased internal motivation, perseverance in the face of obstacles, inoculation against negative stress and depression, and a tenacious desire to succeed. 

“The STEPS® Program encourages confidence, independence, and adds value to our participant’s personal and professional lives. I often hear from our clients that STEPS is one of the most enjoyable and life changing workshops that Goodwill offers.”  ~ Mike Fox, CEO

Participant Feedback

“STEPS workshop really opened up my eyes and mind to things I couldn’t see before. I feel it will help me personally and professionally.”

“I would probably still be making excuses regularly and living in the past if I didn’t take this workshop. STEPS totally changed the way I think and talk to my kids.”

“STEPS is amazing! It completely changed my thinking, thought process and how I do things. I no longer fear new and challenging opportunities.”