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City College, established in 1984, launched its first branch campus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since that time, the institution has grown to five campuses serving thousands of students throughout the state of Florida. City College offers three Bachelor of Science degrees and 12 Associate of Science degrees. The College continues to expand its academic offerings to meet the changing needs of students and employers.


After expanding to 5 campus locations, in different cities throughout Florida, Esther Curry, City College President, stated “We experienced challenges in creating a common vision, language and purpose, and also identified issues with student retention, staff engagement and employee retention”.​


City College and The Pacific Institute® partnered in 1990, and since then The Pacific Institute’s® curriculum has been a staple within the school’s 5 locations. City College deliversThe Thought Patterns for a Successful Career® program to all students entering the College, and every employee receivesThought Patterns for High Performance 3.0® training. To date, over 20,000 students and staff have received The Pacific Institute’s® education at City College.


Through 25 years of utilizing The Pacific Institute® concepts, City College has experienced many favorable outcomes. Thousands of students have acquired the skills and training in mental technology and high performance behaviors, which have better prepared them for their future careers. According to Esther Curry “The College has also recognized improved rates in student retention and attendance”. During their long time relationship with The Pacific Institute, City College has significantly grown as an organization and gone through many cultural transformations. They have used the techniques taught by The Pacific Institute to assist in transitioning the College through the ever changing educational landscape.