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When Dr. David Borofsky came to Bates Technical College – a part of the Washington State Community College system – in 2004, as the new school President, his mission was to create a culture that puts people first and helps them thrive in an organization that promotes growth, both professionally and personally. Dr. Borofsky and the leadership at Bates committed to providing a positive climate where everyone is treated with respect and encouraged to excel, sharing in decision making and interest-based, problem-solving processes. To help achieve these goals, Bates consulted with The Pacific Institute for use of its curricula Investment in Excellence® and Thought Patterns for a Successful Career™.

According to Dr. Borofsky, The Pacific Institute’s curricula have helped transform the institution in a variety of ways. The Investment in Excellence training has helped solidify a culture of change in the institution with its employees. “It has confirmed that treating people with respect and dignity is the heart and soul of any organization,” stated Dr. Borofsky. “The ideas that are learned from The Pacific Institute’s training will help individuals and the organization [to] be so much better than they already are.”

“The Pacific Institute’s training has had a profound impact on our institution as a whole. Lou Tice has an immediate and lasting impact on students and employees in both the long and short term”.

— Dr. David Borofsky, President, Bates Technical College The Institute’s Thought Patterns for a Successful Career curriculum has been implemented into the student course entitled Strategies for Success. The goals for the students who complete this course are:

  • Learn the relationship of self-motivation to personal achievement
  • Be intentional in career and personal goal setting
  • Interact in small groups with other students
  • Learn communication skills and strategies to increase personal efficacy

The partnership between Bates Technical College and The Pacific Institute has been a win for all involved. In the first 18 months, 320 staff and faculty members have been through the training along with over 300 students. From the Fall Quarter of 2006, all new students participated in the Strategies for Success course to ensure their success in college and in life. Bates Technical College: a premier technical college whose excellence is determined by those we serve.