There has been an abundance of news media and social media reports lately on sexual assaults in our schools and colleges in America. Very little has been reported on the highest risk factors: the location of these assaults. An earlier study in 2000 reported that 66.3% were committed off campus and 33.7% on campus. (Student Risk of Victimization by Christenson, Danelle)

Sexual Assault Recent Study in School and College

This is an accountability challenge for our colleges to be aware of the ever-growing evidence of these issues. What brought my attention to these behaviors in our schools, and our accountability to have direction for our students to better be informed about sexual assault, came about in a meeting on a new program in the United States. The program is aimed at helping schools and their students be better aware and then assess their knowledge of the issue. The program provides an outstanding explanation of how sexual assault actually is defined for the individuals.

Programmatically it was well done and would give students a cognizant view of what sexual assault may be or could be. The actual expense for the programs is just an ounce of expense compared to the prevention in our schools. I was shocked when I heard the price. Please see the link below to see the benefits for your students.

The program provides the opportunity for every student on campus to have a better understanding of the meaning of sexual assault but also builds a foundation of campus safety. Better information breeds leaders of prevention. All students will be seamlessly assessed to help them grow to a competence which protects them and others.

I hope you can see the value as much as I did. It is always better for our campuses to discover the solution before it gets mandated by someone else. The statistics that are available should make all of us want to move to a better education of the solution in our campuses.