​As we all know, change is a way of life. Helping individuals, teams and organizations see the opportunities in, and grow, when facing change is what The Pacific Institute’s work is all about. It’s been a little over four years since the passing of our co-founder Lou Tice, and nearly a year and a half since Diane Tice forwarded the legacy of the Institute to a new group of internal owners. It’s been a time of taking stock of what we have, reassessing many aspects of the business, and planning what needs to be done to ensure we continue to grow and deliver the most relevant and impactful work to our clients.

It is a much different marketplace than when the Institute began in 1971. There is both increasing competition and need for what we do, and we want to continue to differentiate our value to best serve the marketplace. As such, we are strengthening and unifying our brand, here in North America and around the world. The introduction of our new logo was the first strong step, exemplifying the growth potential we all have, as we impact “me, we and us.” You will be seeing significant changes in how we present ourselves, most noticeably through the global portal website (launching this summer), and in our cornerstone mind growth education.​

​There is tremendous opportunity for The Pacific Institute to present and deliver its education in new and flexible ways, allowing easier access and continuous engagement with the concepts and principles that have set the Institute apart from others in the marketplace. From students and schools to employees and organizations, the digital world provides for a multitude of access points, and you will see us engaging with these in a more assertive manner in the months to come.

​Building on the performance mindset foundation began by Lou and Diane Tice, we continue to expand our cultural and leadership alignment and transformation process around the world. Core teams of highly experienced consultants, from all of our offices around the world, stand ready to continue customizing a variety of programs to help client organizations achieve new goals and levels of performance.

​Change is still in the air at The Pacific Institute, as we look to new opportunities to bring what we believe to be the most vital education in the world today to ever-increasing numbers of people and organizations. Thank you for your engagement and support over the past 45 years. We are blazing new paths to the future and we welcome you to join in this journey!

Scott Sproull, CEO
The Pacific Institute®