​We have probably all heard the phrase “change is hard” or that “people naturally resist change.”  What if that line of thinking is wrong?  What if most people don’t actually struggle with change?  What if transition is the actual key?  Change is always happening and it happens very fast.  Change often takes place externally and will happen with or without our permission.  Transition normally takes place after change has occurred.  It takes place in both the mind and heart and really only fully takes place if we give permission.  What if most people actually struggle with transition?  If that is the case, this should be hopeful information because transition has an internal locus of control.  We can work to improve how well we transition.

For example, you get a new bossat work.  The change is getting the new boss but the real question is how well you will transition into the new structure.  A person enrolls in college and now becomes a college student.  The change has taken place but the question is how long will it take that person to mentally transition into being a college student.  You have a major shift in an economy like that of 2008.  The change has taken place but those who will be successful will do so because they transitioned better and faster most others.

As you face the ever-changingworld of federal regulations, financial aid, enrollment goals, etc., how well will you and your organization transition?  

Change + Transition=Transformation and that is the ultimate goal.  Knowing that your students are facing a lot of changes, how can you create an environment that assist them with their transitions?