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Who We Are

For over 40 years, The Pacific Institute® (TPI) has been successfully helping individuals unlock their potential and improve their performance, and enabling organizations to transform their culture and improve business results. We are dedicated to creating a significant impact on the wellbeing and efficacy of individuals, teams, organizations, communities and countries.Since 1971, TPI has worked internationally with offices and operations in over 21 countries — USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan, China, Central America and more.Our global team works in 21 languages. This enables us to transform potential into performance at a truly global scale.Since 1996, our Canadian team has developed a deep, rich experience in transforming individual and team potential into performance. We are very proud of our clients’ success and their impressive results in organizational transformation. (see client results)We are committed to partnering with you to ensure your investment with us has a return. Our affirmation — we measure our success by our clients’ actual results.

Our Team

Our team has the commitment, dedication, and experience necessary to help our clients achieve their goals.

Dr. Joe Pace, Chairman of the Board - Global Education

Dr. Joe Pace, Chairman of the Board - Global Education

Dr. Joe Pace is an internationally recognized performance psychologist, educator, speaker and author. He presents seminars and workshops in the areas of student retention, faculty development, corporate cultural alignment, and personal and professional achievement. His background in teaching, psychology, and business aids him to deliver research-based information to a global audience from students and faculty, to corporate executives. 

Dr. Pace has earned a Doctorate Degree in Education and Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Psychological Counseling, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. With his doctoral dissertation and over 30 years of research, he continues to provide industry leading, innovative success concepts for student retention and persistence techniques.

Dr. Pace, along with The Pacific Institute Founder Lou Tice, are the authors of the best selling textbook, Thought Patterns for a Successful Career, used by more than one million students in over one thousand Colleges and Schools world-wide. Additionally, he has authored four textbooks on professional development, designed for college students about to enter the workplace.

Dr. Pace, a former college president, was appointed by the Governor of Florida to the Florida State Department of Education’s nine-member licensing commission for private schools, serving on the commission for ten years, and elected chairman twice. On a national level, Dr. Pace served as Commissioner of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools in Washington, DC.

Currently, Dr. Pace serves as Chairman of the Board – Global Education, for The Pacific Institute and is an educational and psychological consultant for numerous colleges and organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Dr. Pace can also be seen weekly on the nationally syndicated television show “The Daily Buzz.”


Dr. Scott Fitzgibbon,

Dr. Scott Fitzgibbon

​Dr. Scott Fitzgibbon has designed and implemented professional development training and evaluation initiatives for proprietary and traditional educational organizations, healthcare and service providers, and manufacturing.  He has earned a doctorate in education, a master of education degree in student personnel services and counseling, and a bachelors degree in business finance.  He is a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor and behavioral health provider for High Mark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Health America.

Having been involved with proprietary education since 1991, Dr. Fitzgibbon has worked extensively with proprietary school administrators and faculty specializing in cognitive-behavioral training, adult learning, learner-centered approach toward management and teaching, student motivation and retention, teamwork and organizational communication. He has guest lectured for a numerous proprietary school state association meetings and Career College Association events.


Jahmad Canley,

Jahmad Canley

​With background experience in youth services and education, as well as programs for youth-at-risk, Jahmad Canley has found a focus for his energies as Vice President of Implementation & Sustainment for The Pacific Institute’s Education Initiative. 

As a Master Facilitator Instructor for the Institute’s curriculum, Jahmad connects with a wide range of audiences, enabling him to really help individuals and groups envision and achieve their goals.  

“Working with individuals from so many parts of the world, I have found that, as human beings, our goals are pretty much universal - to be active, contributive members of the human experience.  If I can help bring people together, using the education of The Pacific Institute, then I have accomplished something pretty special.”

Leadership workshops, for corporate and education clients as well as youth, benefit from Jahmad’s passion, energy, creativity and humor.  Operating his own business since the age of 18, Jahmad has a unique understanding of the entrepreneurial mind, and his bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Management Information Systems complete a well-rounded view of organizational culture.Always a valued member of The Pacific Institute, Jahmad and his wife make their home in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.


Olivia Walker,

Olivia Walker

With over seven years of experience, Olivia flawlessly manages the backend logistics of the Education Initiative’s operations and client services.

Having built her career in the customer service industry, including management and event planning, she has coordinated the The Pacific Institute’s Annual Best Practices and Business Conference in cities all around the country.

Olivia has contributed and developed innovative insights and processes for the Education Initiative and is dedicated to providing exceptional client service.  


Mike Seifert,

Mike Seifert

With “education for all” as a global vision, Mike Seifert is a specialist with educational organizations.  A background in brand development and marketing allows Mike to provide a wider view as he works with leaders in the field of education, as well as business, to provide the discipline and skills of mind management.  The ultimate goal: Enrich, enhance and support individuals and organizations around the globe to create a better world.

Mike’s focus is to develop effective strategies and create team alliances that go beyond traditional models.  By employing technology, the vision is to provide global access to The Pacific Institute’s education, and set in motion a positive change in the quality of education.  Ultimately, the emotional intelligence of individuals and organizations will rise to meet the challenges they face.  

Mike is a 25+ year veteran in advertising, sales and marketing management for both the Tribune Broadcasting Company (FOX/WB, and Viacom, Inc (CBS).  In each of these companies, Mike supervised and trained 20-30 marketing associates in sales, marketing and public relations.  Passionate about what inspires people and driven by the heart, Mike focuses on creating value for those with whom he lives and works with through dedication, enthusiasm and creativity.  As company principle and founder of GoMobile® advertising, Mike attributes relationships as being one of the many keys to success.  Active in the community, Mike has served various executive boards such as Highline Community College Foundation and Ronald McDonald House.  Mike’s family includes wife, Barbie and children, Max, Alex and Jaclyn.


Leticia Ferraro, Business Development

Leticia Ferraro, Business Development

​Leticia Ferraro has been recognized as a top performer and is inspired by teaching the mental technologies of peak performance that lead to success.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida and has a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

She currently facilitates programs for The Pacific Institute at City College and other participating colleges and institutions.  Her role as a formal educator began in 2009, as an adjunct instructor, and then she quickly moved into a General Education Program Coordinator position at Keiser University. 

In 2003 she ventured into real estate, owning her own title insurance company for five years. She has recently entered back into the real estate market and is currently a licensed Real Estate Agent for the state of Florida.

Born in New Jersey, raised in South Florida, Leticia is an innovative, creative leader and transformational coach, delivering training sessions to numerous individuals and organizations all across South Florida.  She has created million dollar businesses from the ground up and her coaching leads businesses in making the right decisions, creating new opportunities, reoccurring business and satisfied clients. 

Leticia lives with her husband and her 16 year old son in Fort Lauderdale. Her son has already launched his first business earlier this year.  

“It is my belief that we are only limited by our own beliefs about ourselves.  If we learn to change those beliefs and share with others how to do the same, we will live in a world where anything is possible.”


Our History

In June of 1990, Dr. Joe Pace attended a seminar presented by Lou Tice and The Pacific Institute (TPI) in Seattle, WA. Dr. Pace was particularly interested in developing curriculum with TPI that could be integrated into his doctoral dissertation on the behavioral traits of persistence and how it would impact student retention. From this first encounter, Lou Tice and Dr. Joe Pace created the process and curriculum series that has greatly affected student success and retention, titled Thought Patterns for a Successful Career®. A short time later, the Education Initiative of The Pacific Institute was created.

The various Thought Patterns for a Successful Career® curricula have been utilized by more than one and half million students in over 1,000 colleges and schools worldwide.

The Education Initiative works with colleges and schools shaping TPI concepts and curricula to create an institutional culture that fosters student success and retention with the purpose of changing lives one student at a time. This is implemented using concepts such as:

  • The Intelligent Heart
    Knowledge about subject matter and know-how, with the dedicated and compassionate heart to really reach students
  • Attention Equals Retention
    The more attention students receive from staff and faculty the more likely they are to stay in school
  • The Art of Facilitating vs. Teaching
    Learning successful facilitation methodology and implementation skills
  • The Mental Technology of Peak Performance
    Understanding how the mind works
  • Strategic Vision and Consensus Building
    Defining the vision and gaining faculty and staff consensus

The Mission Statement of The Pacific Institute and its Education Initiative proclaims that the Institute will continue to get its education out “by all means just and appropriate.” According to Global President, Jack Fitterer, that will not change as the Institute moves into the next 40 years and beyond. “As Lou was a pioneer in video-based education, The Pacific Institute will continue to push the boundaries in getting its life- and performance-enhancing education to the world. It was always Lou and Diane’s goal, and it will continue to be so, for all of us at The Pacific Institute.”