Thought Patterns for a Successful Career® – From Education to Employment and Beyond

​Your students come to you looking for a path to rewarding employment - Education.  Typically, they are the first in their families to go beyond high school, and the challenges they face are internal as well as external. From Education to Employment…and Beyondallows you to provide exceptional thinking skills education, thereby making the success of your degree and certificate programs attractive to those yearning for higher education, and solutions to employers for your graduates.

Along with the effective thinking skills education your students will receive from this program, you will see a significant increase in you student retention rates.  In the last 20 years, theThought Patterns for a Successful Careerseries has delivered an average 20-25% increase in student retention, with some schools enjoying a 50+% increase.  This means your students register, stay in school, achieve better grades in all of their classes, graduate, and then find fulfilling careers in the fields of their choice.