Thought Patterns for a Successful Career®

​Retention ranks as the number one challenge to career colleges today.  In fact, it is a problem facing all levels of education.  Getting the students into school is one thing - keeping them there is another.  In order for the students and the schools to be successful, students must stay in school.

Building on nearly 40 years experience, with a curriculum based on the tenets of cognitive psychology and social learning theory, The Pacific Institute bridges this gap with its innovative programThought Patters for a Successful Career.  Designed specifically to enhance student retention, as well as give students the tools to succeed in school and beyond,Thought Patternsemphasizes those “soft” skills most desired by employers: flexibility, resiliency, critical thinking, accountability, creativity/innovation, leadership.

Students’ successful assimilation of The Pacific Institute’s curriculum is reflected in many ways.  They stay in school, attend and succeed in their classes, they succeed in their jobs, and - more importantly - they succeed in life.