Thought Patterns for a Successful Career® – College to Career Transitions for Gainful Employment

​Gainful Employment is about more than finding a job.  It’s about learning how to become accountable to pay back student loans.  It’s about how to build better relationships with those around you.  It’s about developing the right qualities and habits that will make you an invaluable resource, no matter where you go.  Applicable, and easily accessible, the units also cover the following topics:

  • Career visualization
  • Improved interview skills
  • Anxiety reduction techniques
  • Perception of body language, and the message it sends
  • Learned balance of work, home, and leisure time
  • Understanding attitudes and the power of self-talk
  • How to attain financial freedom
  • Leadership principles

Gainful Employment was created for graduating students, addressing the attitudes, behaviors, habits, and mental readiness that employers ultimately seek in new hires.  This non-traditional education equips students with the means to transition easily into meaningful work, and further helps them meet any change with self-assurance and steadiness.