You already have the knowledge to make your goals a reality. You simply may not know how to use it.​

​We are born with standard equipment in the brain to help us be successful naturally. The problem is, we were born without a User’s Guide. As children, in order to figure it out, we model the people we are around the most: parents, grandparents, nannies, school teachers. 85-percent of our personality, and the style of who we are, is established between the ages of three and five. They don’t teach this kind of information in school. In fact, less than three percent of the population understands how the mind works and how to use that information to become successful.

We’ve all been programmed by good habits and bad habits. So how do we reprogram ourselves to tap into that which makes us successful?​

​To tap into the way the mind works, we first need to have a vivid picture. We want to replace the negative pictures with the positive changes in habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations we want. Therein lays the challenge.

​In the colleges I work with, many students are first generation college attendees. Having had no models, they may not have the right study habits because they may not know anyone who went to college. It becomes important to create pictures that you can see and feel. You do that by taking a piece of paper and start listing what it looks like, what it feels like to see yourself succeed. Then repeat those pictures over and over. The brain begins to move, subconsciously, toward those goals.

​Once you have the replacement pictures, it can take three weeks to three months of repetition to create an imprint on the brain. Again repeatedly visualizing the positive picture is the key.