Make A Profit Every Day has been written to challenge your thinking, in an entirely different way. The book’s ten core Principles focus on a distinctive approach to your personal and/or business finances. Along the way, you will find that these Principles create for you a new definition for the word “Profit.”

The initial Principle starts by asking the question, “What gets you up in the morning?” What propels you into your day? Is it a noble purpose? By understanding your purpose, then the following Principles help ensure that your day is profitable for yourself, for your family, and your business. 

Individuals, families and organizations often fall short of success and fail to realize their true potential because they get trapped in old beliefs, attitudes and expectations that govern their behaviors. Changing thinking changes outcomes. We know that a key outcome of profit is freedom – the freedom of choice. The book’s Principles help you build a strong financial foundation, and provides a path to Make A Profit Every Day– not just today or tomorrow, but every day.

In the final analysis, this book is about living today to be the very best you can be – and that is the greatest profit of all!

Make A Profit Every Day, by Jack Fitterer, may be purchased through The Pacific Institute’s website at