‚ÄčThe brain operates from mental pictures.  You should have a picture or a replacement picture of what a situation would look like and feel like if it was ideal or perfect.  How do you want to come across?  How do you picture yourself looking and acting?  What do you communicate with eye contact and body language?  The answers link directly to first impressions.  The initial picture is the key.  You should practice that picture in your mind, over and over. The reason for this is that thebrain doesn’t know the difference between something vividly imagined and an actual experience.  So you can practice in your mind over and over and it will affect the neurons of the brain.  We work with athletes who do that.  Michael Jordan, a legend in basketball, used to shoot 1,000 foul shots a day with his eyes closed, in his airplane seat, on the way to the game.

This continued visualization of seeing yourself in that ideal or perfect situation will put your mind at ease and all the right moves will automatically come to you.  Then you just relax and free-flow.

We have a formula for this, I x V= R.  Imagination x Vividness = Reality in the brain. Since the brain doesn’t know the difference between something vividly imagined and an actual experience, the more vivid the better.  Preparation and practice can make one perfect, whether you’re physically doing it or mentally visualizing it. 

This works in other situations too, for instance, the all important meeting.  Before a meeting, you plan your agenda and visualize the ideal outcome.  What the meeting will look like and feel like…right down to the room you will meet in!  Notice I say LOOK and FEEL.  Human beings think in words, pictures and emotions.  The brain needs that emotion or feeling to cause a synapse in the brain, which is an electrical chemical process.  You visualize the ideal and perfect outcome you want from your meeting several times, then relax, go in and free flow.  Things will work out very close to what you expect because you’ve rehearsed it so many times in your brain.   It’s not magic…it’s Mental Technology!