​[Seattle, WA] The Pacific Institute has just confirmed the release date of its newest program,Thought Patterns for a Successful Career®/ Mastering the Attitude of Success™(TPSC/MAS) to be March 31, 2015. Preview audiences have given the program “two thumbs up”.

Understanding the growing need for engaging educational content, especially for online students, MAS has been formulated to maximize impact while it optimizes access. At its foundation are the fundamental core concepts and principles of The Pacific Institute’s internationally celebrated curriculum. Building on the fundamentals are real-world applications, making the course relevant to today’s students and a strong basis for successful degree completion and graduation.

A total of 52 video segments, featuring Drs. Joe Pace and Scott Fitzgibbon and including educational vignettes with Lou Tice, TPSC/MAS provides a menu of options. Seven segments provide pre-course context for the students, 26 segments provide the core fundamentals and applications, while an additional 19 “extended learning” segments allow students to dive deep for greater knowledge and application.

As with all entries in the TPSC family of programming, MAS seeks to increase student retention, provide continuous support throughout courses of study, and ultimately turn out confident and qualified employees to a job market hungry for quality excellence.