One of the biggest fears when pursuing higher education is that your family will take a backseat to your school. Whether your family has been there all your life, or this is a new experience, it can be hard to strike that balance between finding quality time with them and keeping up with your studies. But it can be done. Just keep these three things in mind: 

1) You Are Not Selfish 

There are few things more important than an education, but that doesn’t keep us from worrying that we are too focused on ourselves instead of our loved ones. But a degree will help you find a more fulfilling job and make a more competitive wage, and this will lift your spirits and help make you a happier, more positive person. That will in turn radiate out and be an overall good for everyone around you. 

2) You Are Loved 

Your family will probably miss you sometimes. That’s always a reality when new priorities enter our lives. But while they may grumble sometimes, yours is a positive path that’s inspiring others and will make them proud. Also, instead of always thinking in terms of either/or, see if there’s any way you can include them when doing schoolwork. That could include asking them to quiz you, explaining to them what you’re learning, or figuring out a little game you can play that will help you study. You may be surprised how willing they are to give it a shot. 

3) You Are Young 

Now, maybe you don’t feel like a spring chicken anymore, but you are getting an education because you know there are many years ahead. You have made the decision to get a degree because you are readying yourself for future that maybe you didn’t think was possible even a couple years ago. And this situation is not forever. When you have reached these short-term goals, you and your family will begin to see the opportunities available to make up for lost time.